Tuesday, 15 July 2008

tripping over

glad to see the trip blog http://trip2008.wordpress.com/ is still active and has some updates on some splendid sounding international events. There is also a shout out for feedback from the TRIP conference; if you attended please do share your thoughts via the website or email (I belive participants recieved a questionairre)

i (and i'm sure my fellow loiterers) would also love to know what you thought about get lost - what worked, what didnt, ideas for the future, ways to improve and reach new people etc etc. Please share your thoughts. Reports, pictures and found objects also very welcome. The LRM hotline is now working again if you would like a natter or as ever you can email loiter (squiggleysymbol)hepzombie(dot)co(dot)uk but please be patient if a reply takes a few days as I don't always get time to check my inbox

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