Thursday, 3 July 2008

July 1st Sunday: hanging gardens and lost worlds

the monthly LRM communique (july 2008)

Dear friends, comrades and loiterers old and new

Thank you to everyone who made getting lost in Manchester such a wonderful wander. It’s not safe to hang up your walking shoes yet because it’s first Sunday, this Sunday (July 6th) and thus time for our customary shenanigans and there are a plethora of delights planned…

At 12 noon Jenny wants to play and invites everyone to join her in keeping fun alive on our streets. Please bring along anything you may need to share your favourite street game such as a washing line skipping, chalk for Hopscotch, Jacks, marbles, string for cats cradle and empty cans to kick

The meeting point for the games fiesta is under the giant bicycle outside Deansgate train station – which will also be, at 2pm, the meeting point for a rather wonderful LRM derive

An Expedition to the Hanging Gardens of Castlefield and the Lost World of Pomona

Join us for an expedition to the fabled Hanging Gardens of Castlefield - a hidden garden in the sky - followed by an exploration of the Lost World of Pomona. Safari suits, pith helmets and elephant guns recommended!

In case of shocking discoveries or tropical storms the Knott Bar is nearby for Sunday lunch and fortifying Indian Pale Ale. There is also a child friendly rendezvous by the giant bike - Love Saves the Day - where intrepid families can enjoy fine tea and lashings of organic lemonade before the off. I dare say the exhibition will end with appropriate refreshments and story telling too….

If, like me, you can’t be in Manchester this Sunday but want to still engage in first Sunday psychogeography I’d like to heartily recommend the excellent for ideas and inspiration; in particular you can generate your own Joyce Walk because somewhere, sometimes, its always bloomsday.

The create a walk function is here It’s the work of Conor McGarringle whose Freedom Trail of Manchester was one of my personal TRIP highlights and I suspect his bono locator could come in handy if I ever get to Dublin

Please forward this message far and wide and accept my apologies for any cross posting. I’ll try and get a proper mailing list sorted this month (tech help welcome; I prefer staring at the streets to the screen) and in the meantime find The LRM (Loiterers Resistance Movement) on facebook, myspace and at

Love, lollipops and autoharps

Morag xx

Ps don’t forget the Peterloo Massacre Memorial- Design Day on Sat 5th July 08 2pm to 5pm, Mechanics Institute, 103 Princess St more details from, also please excuse the vulgarity but I’m trying to raise funds to take the LRM message and radical morris dancing to Proflux and have a month to raise £500 so if anyone has any ideas, or would like to buy a very nice cake, please don’t be shy

PPS the LRM hotline is temporarily broken but will be fixed very soon, in the mean time email queries to loiter

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