Tuesday, 22 December 2015

december news

Greetings dear friends and fellow loiterers

as you know Decembers group loiter was thwarted by the elements and the vagaries of public transport; although this is frustrating it is also a helpful reminder that the derive is not just for First Sundays. A psychogeographical adventure can be embarked on anywhere at any time, on your own or with companions. We went for a wander in glorious Glasgow using this method, as suggested by John Hawes

"A game of two dice. The red one determines direction, odds go left and evens go right. The white one determines distance, odds for one block and evens for two. If the red chance alternates between odd and even and the white all even you can quickly end up a long way from your start point. If red is all odd or even and white all odd you will just go round the block.This worked well in Glasgow's grid system and, miraculously, ended up in a pub."

Some of the very first LRM events were on solstices so it would be lovely if anyone wanted to try this today in your own way; i'll start dice throwing at around 5pm in a busy shopping centre I think. Any field reports would be very welcome.

First Sunday will be back on January 3rd, time and place tbc but its a great way to start the year. 2016 promises to be a very special one for The LRM as we celebrate our 10th birthday with our exhibition at The Peoples History Museum. Interest in this has been overwhelming and the panel are going to have to make some tough choices - but it will be wonderful I'm sure. Thanks everyone for your ideas and support.

I hope to see you on the streets soon, in the meantime my heartfelt thanks to everyone who has loitered, inspired, argued and engaged with The LRM this year. I wish everyone luck, love and joyful ramblings whatever this season means to you

M xx