Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Ardwick Green Heritage Day

In another life I have a day job which i try to keep separate from my loitering.... but paths always seem to converge, diverge and blur.... and I think this will be of interest to many here so I'm sharing and outing my other (not so secret) identity

St Thomas Centre & Ardwick Green Heritage Open Day, including a semi-psychogeographical tour of the area at 2pm, films from the film archive, free tea, cake and wine and random artefacts and exhibtions about the area.

Please do come along if you can, I've been uncovering some really fascinating facts, plus we have films which include a lego version of Fort Ardwick (!) and you can watch me squirm as I try to reconcile my psychogeographical urges with the conventions of everyday employment.

If you have any juicy anecdotes or any special interest in the area please do get in touch, also we have some lovely promotional postcards if anyone wants to help distribute I'd be grateful.

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