Friday, 30 November 2012

decembers first sunday

Hello everyone
I'm in temporary exile from manchester but can't bear to skip first sunday... and so i've concocted a scheme that enables all of the loitering diaspora to join together and share space on a level hitherto unexplored by us... yes, its the first ever remote control derive!

the idea is simple, find your starting point at 2.30 on sunday, it can be anywhere (for those of you craving company tim will be at the victoria statue in piccadilly gardens, if anyone else wants to share please put summat in the comments and i will publicise) You will need appropriate clothing, an open mind, a phone and a coin or some other double sided thingummie to toss.

At two.thirty and at 5 minute intervals i will send instructions for you to follow or ignore as you choose, this will go on for about 90 minutes. You will need to either follow @thelrm on twitter or send me your phone number so i can text - mine is 07974929589 - alternatively we could experiment with telepathy but its cold and my mind is befuddled so I would discourage that.

Please share your experiences here, or twitter, or down the pub with me next week as I'd love to know how this works!

With love and glitter
Morag xx
ps there will be an exciting announcement tomorrow about other events so please watch this space

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