Wednesday, 15 December 2010

racists not welcome here

this is in response to something on facebook, and i dont really like cross posting, but it feels too important not to.


I feel sick and angry but have to share this. I have just banned someone from the group for the first (and I hope only) time. This is because they were spouting poisonous racist EDL shite.

I want to clarify something lest anyone is in doubt: When we say the streets belong to us we mean ALL of us - we the people - regardless of colour, sexuality, gender, class, ability, age, faith and anything else any fuckwit wants to make narrow minded judgements against.

Diversity - and tolerance - is what makes our cities great and racism is just stupid. We have NEVER and will never tolerate narrowminded shite. It has no place in the LRM and if anyone wants to have a go at me for stifling of free speech they can piss off too.

Sorry I had to do that as i have to stress all the loiterers i have ever met in the real world, and have corresponded with online over the years have been lovely, intelligent, openminded folk and we welcome ANYONE who treats others with respect.

much love to you all xxx

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