Friday, 3 September 2010

Septembers First Sunday: Monsters, mushrooms and mirth

Dear friends, flanuers, faeires and fans of Gef the talking mongoose

Merry September. As a child I used to hate this time of year, associating it with uncomfortable new uniforms and the end of independent loitering. A joy of getting older is a love of the late summer treasury of colours and crops and sunshine; I even find pleasure in stationery items these days but perhaps best not to dwell on the gorgeous scent of fresh paper!

This Sunday the LRM invite you to join us as we celebrate the exquisite pleasure of the day trip. There is always somewhere interesting to explore a stones throw from home, whether it’s a new discovery, an ‘always meant to go there but never quite did’ affair or an old favourite haunt that takes on a different appearance with the changing seasons.

I love day trips for the sense of adventure, occasion, escape and of course the picnic eaten on the bus before you even arrive. It may sound perverse but I’m not so keen on bank holidays; these are forced upon us and I want pleasure when I desire it, not when I’m told. An ideal day trip is cheap, cheerful and veers off in unexpected ways – like the very best derive – and has none of the pressure or pretentions so many of the experiences we are sold as authentic and essential and corporate fun do.

I do hope you will join us as we set off on a voyage of discovery to Boggart Hall Clough. It’s a splendid place, with ancient woodland and some wonderful geography as well as its own legendary eponymous pooka. (what was it called before the Boggart? I got told off at school for being silly when I asked a similar question about battle and Normans bay) The LRM love cryptozoology but there is more to the cloughs history than the gremlin; it also played a pivotal role in the battle for free speech and public assembly in Manchester. I suspect we may also find some delights foraging in natures larder too – its that time of year – and goodness knows what else too.

We will be catching the 118 bus from Oldham Street (The Piccadilly Garden end, bus stop b) at 1.28pm precisely (bus company willing of course) this Sunday, 5th September. It is due to arrive at the Charlestown Road side of the Clough at 1.50. Please try and make this bus if you can but if you are lost or late please call The LRM hotline on 07974929589 and we will try to find you. Obviously we’ll be out of our usual urban territory so please wear sensible shoes and bring sunblock/ waterproofs as appropriate.

There’s a few more exciting LRM events coming up too, although of course loitering is more a state of mind and can be practised anytime, anywhere, alone or in convivial company. On September 15th I’ll be facilitating an Ardwick Green Amble as part of GMCVOs A to B less CO2 Sustainable Transport Event. The wander will encompass anarchists, tiny tim, ancient glaciers and more. It’s free but places need to be booked please see for more details. There is also going to be – due to popular demand (I always wanted to say that) - another Places Women Love Walk with The Women’s Design Group for Urban Design Week details from In October there will be tales of Victorian crime and the launch of a new venture: The Velvet and Corduroy Club, a salon for interesting people of all flavours but more of that nearer the time; I don't want to be inside staring at a screen on a day like this when the streets belong to us....

I hope our paths cross soon
Love and perfectly ripe plums
Morag x

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Jacqui said...

I am very excited to find your blog and would love to come along to your next wander. Am I right in thinking you meet the first Sunday of every month? Where is October's meetup? I'll do my best to join you.