Thursday, 4 March 2010

People's History of Hulme - this Sunday

Hello everyone

Its the shortest ever LRM email to celebrate our most spectacular First Sunday event so far...

We are curating a Peoples History of Hulme extravaganza as part of Single Cell Collectives Finding Zion Festival.

There won't be a set route or official history guide; thats not the loiterers way. Travellers will embark on a metaphysical treasure hunt discovering secrets, story tellers and random surprises that will help unravel the multiple layers of history, politics, regeneration, myths and daydreams that add up to make Hulme.

It’s a tale that stars Roman temples, UFO landing pads, modernist masterpieces, pop heroes, social housing experiments, squalor, revolutionary art and more. Oh and one of my favourite ever mancunian curiosities bingo jesus will be resurrected for the day.

We will finish with short films, a small exhibition, beverages and of course cake.Please do come and play with us, all welcome.

We will be starting at 1pm at Kim By The Sea on Old Birley Street Hulme - you can catch the no 86 bus from Piccadilly or Oxford Road and get off at the (rather lovely) Community Garden Centre.

Many thanks to the many lovely folk who are helping make this possible, please do join us for some splendid shenanigans if you can and although we usually celebrate the ephemeral if anyone fancies documenting the day photos would be very welcome

glittery love

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