Monday, 8 February 2010

the peoples history of hulme - get involved

The LRM are curating a Peoples History of Hulme as part of Single Cell Collectives ‘In Search of Zion’ festival on March 7th. We will create a fantasy map and guide time travellers on a metaphysical treasure hunt discovering performers, musicians, story tellers and random surprises that will help unravel the multiple layers of history, politics, regeneration, myths and daydreams that add up to make Hulme. It’s a tale that stars Roman temples, UFO landing pads, modernist masterpieces, pop heroes, social housing experiments, revolutionary art and more – and we need your help to tell it now, before everything changes again with the advent of MMUs super campus

Do you have any memories, stories, theories or thoughts that you think should be woven into our walking tapestry? Or are you a performer, artist, ranter or raver of any kind that would like to be part of the performance? Perhaps you would like to help make props, rally troops and or act as a steward? If so please don’t be shy and join our merry band. We will be having a meeting for anyone interested at The Zion Centre. Stretford Road, Hulme 6pm on Tuesday 9th February (ie tomorrow) – we need to move sharpish on this) If you can’t come but would still like to be involved in please get in touch as soon as possible by email or call 07974929589.

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