Monday, 2 March 2009

filling the void

Yesterday was one of the silliest and most profoundly fun derives we've had for a long time.
Prior to an amble up the leaking canal we circumnavigated Ilva, a haunting monument to capitalist folly. We then went underground to the cavernous car park where The LRM orchestra made its debut performance. All put in sterling work but particular praise must go to Sally on improvised percussion and Sean who actually knows how to play a tune. Inspiration to pick up random instruments came from a similar performance by The Tsunami Victims Orchestra at Proflux lat year.
Yesterday's show to nobody was about revelling in the racket and utilising the empty space. We played for about an hour before a very nice man in a high vis jacket came and told us we had to move or he would get in trouble with his boss. We did of course acquiesce as the LRM are polite and law abiding at all times; we know our rights and vigorously assert them whilst pointing and laughing at absurd bureaucracy but we are never ever rude and don't outstay our welcome.
That bloke in the yellow jacket is surely a contender for the most boring job ever - guarding an empty shell. (or is it? why are the lights all ablaze and the bunker kept serviced and ready for action?)

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