Thursday, 20 November 2008

Forthcoming events

Dear friends, elemental beings and other comrades in loitering

I hope this email finds you discovering treasure under the dirty pavements and glory in the gorgeous autumn sunsets.

The LRM are having a bit of a planning meeting / social shindig / moonlit derive on 7pm next Tuesday 25th November at The Britons Protection pub Great Bridgewater Street

It would be splendid to see you there. In case you are worried the meeting bit sounds like hard work it won’t be and I dare say a map of the event will not resemble an equilateral triangle

This is an opportunity to discuss some of the fantastic ideas floating around in the ether at the moment and see how we can make them happen. Probable subjects include

• Future First Sundays and derives on other days. If you have an idea for a walk you would like to share please don’t be shy; the LRM are here to support you in any way we can.

• Artistic interventions and exhibitions – again there has been a lot of talk which it would be marvellous to see manifest (including the cake map)

• Collaborations with other organisations such as Greater Mapchester, Urban Research Collective, Bitc, Marbella etc – how can we work together to further everyone’s aims? (Representatives from further afield will be joining us to let us know what’s happening)

• Loitering outside the city – various trips have been suggested, also how can we link with lone loiterers and those outside Manchester
• Subvert the City with film and music and the University of Interesting Stuff (calls to action will be revealed on Tuesday night)

• The website / forum / mailing list – what do people want?

• Documenting the LRM – we have some money specifically to produce a new leaflet or some such.

If you have any ideas or materials to contribute but can’t come please do get in touch and we’ll convey your thoughts. Remember manchester is an imaginary city; you can join with us wherever you may be

Also if you want to join us later we will be out awandering but are highly likely to end up in another hostelry so please text or call to find us. As ever the hotline is 079 749 29589 and the email is has more information and some important points about why we do this for love, not money

Glittery love and power

Morag x

PS Decembers first Sunday (stardate 07.12.08) is going to be very special and focuses on helping anyone, anywhere free their inner loiterer. It will take place at 2pm local time anywhere you want it to. More details and the location for the mancunian meet up to be revealed next week but in the meantime please put the date in your diary and have a rummage for a coin and a dice

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