Wednesday, 17 September 2008

listen to paddington

Below is a message from our friends at Manchester No Borders.... I am especially glad that they are going on another tour; the last was by all acounts a great success but sadly clashed with lots of TRIP activities (entirely my cock up that one) so i hope lots of people take this opportunity to see a completley different world within our city. The LRM stands in solidarity with No Borders for many reasons; put simply racism is stupid and shit, everyone is valid, noone is illegal, compassion is good and freedom of movement, like loitering, is a basic human right. Incidentally, am I the only person who thinks those 'Manchester Welcomes the Labour Party Conference' posters are blatant incitement to criminal damage?

On the 20th September the Labour Party Conference will return to
Manchester. To coincide with this there will be a demo organised by Stop The War and a counter conference organised by The Convention of the Left. Manchester No
Borders will be hosting a number of events including a block on the demo,
workshops, a tour of Manchesters immigration system and a punk and poetry

Saturday 20th September: 'Freedom of Movement' block on
the demo with the Anarchist Federation. Meet at 12:30pm All Saints Park.

Sunday 21st: No Borders tour of Manchester. An alternative
insight into the Capital of the North, taking in the physical outposts of the
government agencies and corporations involved in the UK asylum and detention
system. Meet outside the Mechanics institute 11am.

Manchester No Borders presents: 'Punk and Poetry!' 7:30pm
- late. Downstairs at the Saki Bar, 2 Wilmslow Road. Music, magic and poetry.

Tuesday 23rd:Imagining a World Without Borders: Manchester
No Borders hosts a series of talks discussing the history of migration and
resistance, power and borders, and how we can begin to imagine a world without
them. University of Manchester Student Union 7pm.

See you there, Manchester No Borders.


morag said...

if anyone knows how to make posts look like they do in blogger editor i'd be very greatful if they could tell me - i hate the spontaneous reformatting of paragraphs when i publish

Seán said...

You could try mucking about with the fonts and colours bit on the "customise menu". It won't come out the same as what you put in but you'll have a little more control.