Monday, 4 August 2008


yep, i'd like to echo what sean said - it was a revelatory and magickal walk - and welcome to all the new loiterers who joined us.

i'm getting ready to go to proflux and i am thrilled but also terrified (i hate those pesky plane things, they scare me witless) but damn it: i'm crossing the ocean to host a twisted tea party that will include the premier of the manchester cake map, radical morris dancing, cross cultural ranting and assorted shenanigans. oh and maybe the return of the bench project....

i'm planning to blog about my adventures as they happen but i've still not transcribed my trip report so please don't shout if i'm tardy

love and swedish fish

morag x

ps thanks to my fairy godmother for helping me to fly and to all the pipsters who have been so encouraging - can't wait to meet up with you all xx

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